If you do want to travel to an Eastern state, definitely make Florida your top choice. It’s a destination that makes everybody happy. The only complaint that people may have is that there can be frequent thunderstorms, and sometimes lightning, because it is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Also, it can be a little bit humid people tend to travel during spring and fall. In fact, many people prefer the winter time, especially if they are trying to escape whatever state they happen to be living in during those cold winter months. There are a couple of places that you should definitely consider going if you will be in Florida shortly.

Landmarks In The State Of Florida

If you are going to travel into Deland Florida, you need to stop in at the Stetson Mansion. You can take a tour of this very famous mansion, and architectural achievement that you will definitely appreciate. Additionally, you can go to St. Augustine where you can see Castillo de San Marcos. Just make sure that you plan your trip accordingly as you are going throughout the state to make sure that you have hotels wherever you happen to go.

What Are The Most Popular Attractions?

It is doubtful that anyone has not heard of Walt Disney World if you live in the United States. However, that’s not the only amusement park that you can visit. There are many other locations such as Universal Studios Florida which is in Orlando, or the Epcot Center which has always been very popular. Fun Spot America is another possibility which is just outside of Orlando in Kissimmee. Finally, travel over to Winterhaven if you would like to go to the Legoland with your kids, a place they will absolutely love.

It is also a good idea to consider going around Florida. Perhaps you can start in Tallahassee go down to Tampa. Once there, go down to Naples and play a little bit of golf before swinging over to the other side in Miami. You can then head up into Fort Lauderdale, then up into Melbourne. You can spend a couple days in the Orlando area. Complete your trip going all the way up to Jacksonville, and you will have literally come full circle around this state which many people visit annually because of all the many attractions.