We will bet you $10 that if you get on your next flight from Houston with fresh, hot, Houston barbecue, someone will offer you more than $10 for it. It’s that good. And anyone who sets out of the city without it will be missing it pretty quickly.

All over the entire state of Texas, anything and everything dealing with meat is this state’s bailiwick. From cattle herding to ranching to knowing what to feed them to slaughtering them to smoking and curing them, they know how to prepare meat. What most people care about is how it tastes when it gets to the table.

Honestly, you could visit Houston and never realize there is anything else here other than great barbecue If you wanted to you could spend an entire 6 months probably just eating your way just around Houston Texas.

But what is it that makes Houston barbecue so special? For one, it may matter more than anything else who you ask. Someone in Pearland knows that their neighborhood has the best barbecue place. Gatlin’s BBQ serves up its dishes with its own special BBQ sauce. From brisket to sausage to of course, ribs, the sauce just makes it better.

Killen’s Barbecue is special for its variety of special Houston barbecue. They’re known for their smoked barbecue. If you are ever in the area, you must stop here also.

CorkScrew BBQ is that kind of place, where you have to get in early if you want anything at all. They are known for their own specialty house-made barbecue sauces. Be sure to try the green chile ranch. Brisket is the meat that’s made them famous.

And no one will let you forget it if you miss out on Leon’s World Famous or Pizzitola’s. Both have been favorites for many generations. From Pizzitola’s brick pit to the famed special sauce at Leons, both are legends in their own right.

Leon’s serves up chicken, turkey, sausage, prime beef brisket, and even spare ribs. Great variety for a barbecue joint.

Stop by Lenox Bar-B-Q for almost any meat you could want, including ham, and great slow-cooked barbecue. That’s the secret to most Houston barbecue joints that become favorites among the most discerning barbecue lovers the world over — Texans.

You could spend months visitng barbecue joints for every meal in Texas, and be only up to Houston starting from the East after 6 months.