If you are planning a vacation in Florida, perhaps you are interested in knowing what there is to do and to see in this fantastic state that is perfect for visiting individuals. In this article, we will mention some popular tourist attractions within Florida.

1. Universal Studios in Orlando

Universal Studios located in Orlando, Florida, is a theme park that focuses on rides and activities involving the entertainment industry. This theme park is just one part of the Universal Orlando Resort. Some popular rides include Transformers: The Ride, E.T. Adventure, and a ride centered around Despicable Me. If you and your family enjoy visiting theme parks, then Universal Studios in Orlando is one to make sure not to miss.

2. Discovery Cove

Another theme park located within Orlando, Discovery Cove is home to many wonderful marine animals that you can witness and even interactive, like the bottlenose dolphin. You can touch, play with, and even swim with these fantastic creatures.

There are many great attractions at Discovery Cove, including a coral reef that allows guests to swim with all sorts of tropical fish. In 2011, the attraction known as the Grand Reef opened within Discovery Cove. You can enjoy snorkeling as well as crossing a rope bridge over a shark lagoon.

3. Walt Disney World

If you have little ones within your family, one fantastic location to visit is Walt Disney World, located within Kissimmee, Florida. This is the most visited tourist attraction within the entire world, and it is no wonder why. Come to Walt Disney World to see such iconic attractions as Cinderella’s Castle, and much much more. If you haven’t taken your kids to Disney World, or if you haven’t visited in many years since you were a child, why not make plans to go?

In conclusion, Florida is a state that has many tourist attractions to thrill all who come to visit, and we by no means covered them all within this article. Whether you are traveling alone, or with your whole family, you are sure to thoroughly enjoy being a guest at Universal Studios Orlando, Discovery Cove, and of course, Walt Disney World. At these locations, you can enjoy rides based on your favorite movies, swim with dolphins, and enter a world full of your favorite cartoon characters made by Walt Disney. Plan your visit to Florida today, and you’ll make memories that will last forever.