What not to fall for in wedding photographers

Planning a wedding is not at all simple and easy, but finding the right photographer should be a fun job, right? Well, since there are so many wedding photographers out there now, this job becomes quite tricky. There are a lot of selling phrases you may have heard, but you should not fall for many of them! If you want to find a great wedding photographer, then here is what you should avoid!

  1. “Our studio shoots over 200 weddings yearly!”

The best wedding photographers are the experienced ones, of course, but this phrase is so last year! Of course you want experience, but do you want someone to shoot you wedding just for their sample album? You need a passionate photographer at your wedding, who has experience behind him, but who is not busy shooting another 10 events that weekend! Your wedding photographer should treat you like a VIP and be there, at your event, involved 100%!

  1. “Shooting packages on sale!”

Yes, weddings are expensive, and sometimes you would want to cut back on some expenses. The photographer may seem like a good idea, but think about, aren`t those photos the only thing that will remain after the wedding? So, is the photographer important or not? Since the photographers in Charlotte NC are not the cheapest ones, you will have to cut back on something else, such as the shoes or even the cake, and afford a great photographer that will make anything on your wedding look good!

Nobody says a good deal isn`t a good deal, but instead of choosing a “sales photographer”, go with someone you know does good work, even though it is more expensive.

  1. “We got a great recommendation from the venue!”

The wedding photographer you will get may be recommended by friends, family or even other photographers or not, but do not let that influence you. The venues usually ask money of photographers if they want to be promoted there, so if you get any recommendation from your venue, double check it before you say yes. It is safer that way. You wedding photographer should be best photographer you will ever have!

  1. “He is from family!”

You may have in your family some cousin who decided to try photography as a job, but that does not mean you should let him shoot your wedding! He may offer to shoot the wedding for free, but is it wife? Since this is the most important event in your lifetime, you should think twice before you say yes. Weddings are difficult to shoot and sometimes very unpredictable, so you cannot let an amateur shoot your wedding, even though he or she is family.

Therefore, there are many lines you should not believe when it comes to wedding photographers. You deserve the best and trendy wedding photos, so settle with nothing but the best!

Photography 101: Professional tips for wedding photographers

Weddings are important events, where everyone is celebrating the communion of two wonderful people who happen to be deeply in love. How can you write the feelings you got in a wedding in words? Since that is quite difficult to do, you can capture the happiness, joy and love into beautiful shoots that will last a lifetime. However, in order for the photos to be perfect, the happy couple needs a photographer who knows one or two things about shooting a wedding. Now, whether you are on your first wedding shooting or not, you will still find the next few tips useful and handy. So pay attention!

  1. No beeps allowed

It does not matter which are your “beeping preferences” when you are in your free time, you should definitely turn off the beep on your camera when you shoot a wedding. Most of the photographers in Charlotte NC forget that details like this do matter, and they pay less attention to them, but you shouldn`t! There are some good reasons why this is highly recommended. First of all you, as a photographer, need to blend in into the scenes and not “make a scene”. Second of all, you need to avoid interrupting the flow of events.

  1. Take a friend with you

If you are looking to get trendy wedding photos, you will be able to do it only with a little bit of help. Why do you need someone to help you with the shots? Well, a second shooter will be needed to take the candid shots when you are busy taking the formal photos. Plus, a second photographer will be able to get on camera the details you may miss.

If you do not want another photographer with you, then you can use another person as an assistant to hand you the kit when you need it or to make sure everything is perfect for you to take the shots.

  1. Get the full schedule of the wedding

The best wedding photographers know there are things you cannot plan when you shoot a wedding, and that is why you need a back-up plan and a full schedule of the wedding. Also, be as prepared as you can and discuss with the groom and bride before the wedding. Ask them what do they expect of you, what type of shots are they looking for, etc.

A full schedule of the wedding will also help you to know the timing of the most important events, such as the ceremony, the cake being cut, etc. You will be able to plan things more effectively, so you will be able to focus on what is truly important: the shooting of the wedding.

Therefore, you can be a great wedding photographer without having any experience behind you!

Amazing tips for amateur photographers

Being a photographer can be great, but with so many people entering this domain these days, it can be quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. The number of amateur photographers is increasing yearly, and not only the photographers in Charlotte NC are looking for tips and tricks to improve their style and get the best shots at their jobs. So, how can you improve your technique as an amateur wedding photographer? Here are some tips that can help you!

  1. Create your own “shot list”

One of the best things to do if you want to get trendy wedding photos is creating a shot list. This should include the shots you would like to capture at the wedding. It is highly recommended to talk with the happy couple and have them think about that. You should have, at the end, a compilation of your own ideas and their wishes.

  1. The “Wedding Family Photo Coordinator”

The wedding family photo can be the most stressful of all, because everyone seems to be out of place, or all over the place for that matter! Fortunately, there is a solution to that as well. The best wedding photographers know that there is a need for a wedding family photo coordinator in this case! Instead of nominating one yourself, you should ask the couple to nominate one. That person will be in charge with getting everyone together and you will be able to take your shot in peace.

  1. The location matters

Before the wedding you should visit some places you think would make good settings for the big day. You will find it really helpful to have the perfect setting when you are about to take the shoots. It can be quite stressful to look for the perfect light and for the best positions when you are in the middle of shooting the wedding. If you go searching for a few places before the wedding, you will also get an idea about the lighting and some positions the couple can try.

  1. Stay well prepared

Weddings can be hectic, that is the harsh truth, and you never know what will happen next. That is why you need to be well prepared before shooting a wedding. Make sure you always have a back-up plan, memory cards blank, the batteries charged, etc. Also, think about the routes and places you can shoot inside in case of bad weather. The trick is to improvise, but you also need to be informed about the itinerary before.

Shooting weddings is not easy, but it can be a lot of fun if you do it right. Just take into consideration the tips above to shoot like a pro, even if you are at your first wedding shoot! All you need is a good camera, confidence and finding the right angle.

How to choose the best wedding photographer

The wedding day is one of the most important days you will ever live, so you need to design it perfectly. This is one of those events you experience only once in a life time (in most cases), so it is quite important to remember it with a smile on your face rather with regret. Everything has to be perfect, from the cake to the tables and ceremony, but have you ever think about how important the photographer is at your wedding?

The best photographer will be able to capture all those special moments without getting noticed, and he will make sure everyone gets a photo with the groom and the bride. The wedding photographer`s job is not easy or simple, and that is why you need to choose the best one for your wedding! But how can you do that?

  1. Star the searching early

The earlier you start the search, the more chances you have to find a great photographer available and ready to book you in. The best wedding photographers are usually booked in advanced, so if you plan to have a wedding next year or so, now is the best time to hire a wedding photographer that will book you in easily! However, if you have an “out-of-season” wedding, you may have more chances to find a good photographer available to take your shots!

  1. Ask around

In order to find a great wedding photographer, you need to ask around. Usually, the best photographers have a great reputation for taking great shots, and they may even be local celebrities, especially in small towns. Ask your friends, family, and acquaintances about good photographer they know. You may want to ask the people who already planned weddings because they usually have the best recommendations, coming from their previous experience. You can also search them online, on Facebook or professional websites.

  1. Narrow it down

After you complete your search, is time to narrow down that list by taking a deeper look into the services they offer. Eliminate those candidates who are not a good fit, and then determine which the photographers who fit your budget and wishes are. The photographers in Charlotte NC work on several environments and settings, but you want to find one that is specialized on your type of setting!

  1. Conduct interviews

This may sound “job-like”, but you do not have to conduct super professional interviews. However, since you hire the photographer to take shots at your wedding, you need to put them through an interview, just to get to know their work style, techniques, previous experience, etc. Plus, you do not want a photographer you don`t connect with and does not understand your wishes and needs.

Therefore, finding a wedding photographer is not really an easy job, but with a few tricks you can find the right one in a matter of days!